THE GODDESS PROJECT IS ABOUT: Empowering, Inspiring and Celebrating Women VALUES: Respect and Being Real BELIEVES: Art should inspire, comfort and be relevant SPIRIT IS: Cheeky and Down to Earth

Empowerment at The Goddess Project means ‘feeling OK about yourself’. Simple idea but it seems so many of us feel (unreasonably) that we are ‘unworthy’ or ‘not good enough’ in some or all aspects of ourselves.
Feeling unworthy does tend to spoil the party and hold us back from enjoying the best parts of ourselves and our lives…it also feels pretty shitty to hang out with Unworthiness for very long and hanging around with Not Good Enough sux too!
SO The Goddess Project makes art to remind women that we’re OK, that we’re not perfect and that’s cool and that having a good belly laugh at ourselves sometimes is much cheaper than counselling and better for the soul :)